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Pharmaceutical Soccer

Dec 28, 2021

First Segment

  • Holidays talk
  • Immediate reactions to Alistair Johnston move

Second Segment w/ Tim Sullivan

  • Why did this move happen?
  • Why does it make sense for Alistair?
  • GAM warchest now at least $2m.

Third and Fourth Segments

  • End of the year...

Dec 21, 2021

First Segment

  • Things you do in MLS offseason
  • What to catch up on before 2022

Second Segment

  • Roster moves
  • Free Agency

Third Segment

  • Schedule is out!
  • Away trips

Fourth Segment

  • International game update
  • Tennessee soccer...

Dec 14, 2021

Segment one: Weekend update and NYCFC wins MLS cup

Segment two: Roster moves and biggest surprises

Segment three: Incoming players and GAM

Segment four: USMNT camp and names in stadium

Dec 7, 2021

First segment: reflections one week after a loss and MLS cup final

Second and third segment: 2021 positions report card

Fourth: International spots and GAM