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Pharmaceutical Soccer

Feb 22, 2022

It's that time of the year again where each host gets $100 in PAM (Pharma Allocation Money) to spend on 10 porp bets.

Feb 15, 2022

First Segment

  • How was your weekend? (Valentine special)
  • We had an actual game! (more in the second)

Second Segment

  • Starting Lineup
    • Maher on the second line 
    • Miller starting RB
  • Ake/CJ/Hany connection could be the best in MLS
  • Where does this leave Leal?

Third Segment

  • Top seven predictions per conference


Feb 8, 2022

First Segment

  • Weekend update
  • International break wrap-up

Second Segment

  • Team is heading back to Florida
  • Press conferences
  • Realistic goals ahead of an eight-match road swing

Third Segment

  • Why should Nashville sports fans follow this team?
  • Should we steer clear of atmosphere vs. product when it comes to talking about...

Feb 1, 2022

In this episode, we try to avoid talking about soccer as much as possible. The Memphis Grizzlies and WWE's Royal Rumble were our most important items on the agenda.

Of course we still found a way to talk about the USMNT and the Shaq Moore rumor, but that was all secondary.